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CyberShield is a retro, arcade-style 3D shooter that blends elements of classic arcade games, oldschool first-person-shooters, and tower defense games. You must defend a central tower against waves of attackers in a cyberspace setting.

In 2201, the last remnants of humanity cling to survival underground, the surface being totally uninhabitable. The few remaining humans spend most of their lives in partially suspended animation, connected to a virtual world known only as the Mainframe. A mercenary in the Mainframe, you have just finished a lucrative job when the Oracle calls to you. The ancient machine implores you to defend it against an onslaught of hackers. If you fail, its sacred knowledge will be lost to the world forever.

The audio and visual style is a mix of 8-bit and 16-bit, meant to evoke the classic arcade games of the past. The game is relatively short, with only a single map, but is meant to be heavily replayed. See how many waves you can survive and how high a score you can get.


CyberShield 1.01 11 MB
CyberShield For Doom 5 MB

Install instructions

Standalone version

Unzip the zip file and run CyberShield.exe. If that doesn't work, use the !RUN.bat file in the build folder.

Doom version

Extract and run the pk3 file with GZDoom 2.1 or later and any Doom IWAD (Freedoom will work fine).

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