A downloadable game for Windows

Created for Game Breaker's Toolkit Jam #5, where the objective is to make the worst possible game. It took first place. Technically not malware, but may destroy your sanity and your computer. Contains flashing lights. Play if you dare. 

Oh no, the giant container ship is stuck in the canal, stopping world shipping and costing billions of dollars a day! But Team Magical Girl Space Sparkle Force works! Concentrate their magic with clicks and powers until they have enough magic to combine their powers and free the blocked ship!

Cover image source: https://pixabay.com/photos/freight-ship-sea-vessel-boat-863449/

Dev play/walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAmV1_Lesvo


IamAjnDonita_1.1.0_Win64.zip 110 MB


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Really enjoyed the new measurement of SPF (Seconds Per Frame) In this game. 
Heatsink for my CPU melted onto my GPU, everything exploded but man was this everything i expected it to be... 

i think it is better if the readme and the license is in english ._.

Oh, it definitely would be better ;)

I played if I dared 

Did it destroy your sanity and/or computer?