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Haneda Matsutake has recently arrived at the Zero Hayabusa Academy for the “Gifted”, where he embarks on a mission to be cool, make friends, and find true love. But the Furikake Zaibatsu, a radical extragovernmental organization dedicated to taking over the world, has plans for him. And on top of that, the Academy may not be what it seems…

  • Made by a guy who's never played a visual novel ever
  • Original engine written in TypeScript using nw.js (for the two people who care about that sort of thing)
  • Up to 50 pages or more
  • Inventory system that I'm very proud of
  • Battle system that I'm not very proud of
  • Multiple endings and meaningful(ish(kinda(not really))) decisions
  • Unoriginal soundtrack
  • Actual animated full-motion video cutscenes
  • Four three four datable characters, one of which I created myself
  • Will probably get me sued by everyone

After several false starts, Project Katana is now under active development. It is still at an early stage, with some engine features unimplemented and only a small portion of the game playable. Please keep your expectations in check, but don't be afraid to leave honest feedback!


April 2019 Demo 83 MB

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