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A side story in the Outliers and Outsiders universe

Created for Magical Girl Game Jam 6


See Who I Am is a visual novel that explores transgender themes against the backdrop of the magical girl genre. It is a relatively short game with really janky art, but it was made in a month with limited time available to work on it. It might be exactly the story you expect, or it might be something completely different.

At the very least, I can finally say I've finished a visual novel.


Steve is a regular young guy, struggling through his first year of college, with the biggest decision on his mind whether to finish watching a film for class or to play some video games and fake his way through the assignment. But when monsters and then magical girls come crashing through the walls, he'll have to face revelations that will change everything.

Content Warnings

  • Depictions of gender dysphoria
  • Depictions of dissociation 
  • Depictions of possible depression
  • Brief mentions of self-harm and suicide
  • Misgendering and mild transphobia in dialogue
  • Strong language


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 I'm blind it took me 2 years to learn how to use my devices independently. I love gaming but often there's not any or many accessible games I can find and play. I was just wondering since it doesn't say anywhere if there's  accessibility options on the game after you download it? 100% OK if there's not but I just wanted to ask before downloading. Even if it's not accessible I'll look for a let's play of it on YouTube so I can experience it that way as well. The game sounds amazing and I definitely do want to play or experience it in some way. Please reply when you can. Thank You!


There isn't really anything in the way of accessibility options for this game. It doesn't have voice acting or text to speech, and the user interface isn't designed for accessibility.

I understand the importance of accessibility features, and I am sorry that my game doesn't have them and you likely won't be able to play it. Unfortunately, as a solo dev with limited resources, it's something that isn't often feasible to provide. Just getting the minimum viable product out there is often a struggle. My own approach is to do what I can to make my games playable for as many people as possible, but I recognize that's in many cases not enough.

I'm not aware of any playthrough videos that exist, though I haven't specifically looked.

No worries! For some games accessibility definitely isn't realistic so I completely understand. You're 100% okay. I'll try and search for some playthroughs, but it's also ok if there's not any. Have a great day/night!

Game is short but well done. Story wise I fear its a bit shallow but kind of hard to go deeply into a hard theme in such a small game.

Thanks for playing!

There's definitely parts of the story I'm not happy with. One of the challenges I had was that I really wanted to get this subject matter right. I had to force myself to not let perfection be the enemy of good enough, and constrain the overall scope into something I could make in the time I had.