A downloadable game for Windows

This game was created for So Bad It's Good Jam 2023.

you have to make the game is a game about making games (or at least making the Next Big Thing)

You are the CEO of $CompanyName which is making $ProductName, an ambitious <buzzword>-enabled live-service creation that's going to take the world by storm. Hire developers, mash the keyboard, approve or reject suggestions and try not to go bankrupt as you bring that dream into reality.

Unfortunately you have to make the game is kind of unfinished, you will have to tweak the parameters to balance the game and finish filling up the exemplar set for all the suggestions. Fortunately, there is documentation included!


  • Pulse-pounding, keyboard-mashing, mouse-clicking gameplay
  • You can hire developers
  • Up to 40 modifiers or more
  • Editable config files and dynamic exemplar loading
  • Infinite Music Technology for a nearly limitless musical experience
  • Sound effects pitch shifted like it's 1993
  • Grpahics
  • Fire alarm

This game optionally uses AI art for the exemplar set. If you object to the usage of AI art you can disable this when prompted. Note that the non-AI exemplar set is more limited.

Made withUnity
TagsClicker, Management, Parody
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button


youhavetomakethegame_1.0.0RTM_Win64.zip 83 MB


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