The web build is experimental. It is recommended that you download the game for the best experience.

Created for So Bad It's Good Jam 2022

Jennifer of Vandenberg is a prequel to my first So Bad It's Good Jam game, Ja Wizardman 4 and by extension a vague parody of The Witcher. It is on first glance a bog-standard RPG Maker game, but actually has a major twist, mostly absurd plot, and loads of jank. Don't judge it by its cover!

After defeating the Rambunctious Pursuit but before reuniting with Giralt to search for the missing Siri, Jennifer is back at home in Vandenberg. Her party may be near the end of their quest, but a strange interruption sends everything off the rails. There is a traitor among them, and they must figure out who it is and defeat them before it's too late.

Jennifer of Vandenberg is an RPG with adventure game elements. There are a few turn-based battles, but the majority of the game is advanced by talking to people, interacting with the environment, and completing various tasks.

Special thanks to everyone involved in SBIG Jam, both those who were there from the very beginning and those participating for the first time. You made this jam what it is, and this game is for you.


1.0.0 Windows 309 MB
1.0.1 Windows 309 MB
Jenny The Queen.mp3 4 MB

Install instructions

Web: The web version will not work properly on Safari. Use Chrome or Edge for best results.

Windows: Extract the download package and run nw.exe.

Android, Linux and macOS builds are a possibility, but there is no ETA on these. It is recommended that you play the Windows or web build.


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