Development is continuing as SE7ENGOKU

Project D759 is a 3D space shooter. You are Del, a freighter captain turned reluctant magical girl, granted magical powers to protect Heaven from evil forces or something like that. You're really a lot more interested in that dragon and its hoard of gold and gems.

This is very much a demo or proof of concept, with half-working mechanics, placeholders everywhere, one hacked together level and a total excuse plot of a storyline. Temper your expectations.

Special thanks (and apologies) to Dogtopius and invadererik.

The browser version is the same as 1.0.0, except for the addition of a Credits page accessible from the main menu.


Project D759 1.0.0 62 MB

Install instructions

Desktop: Extract the zip file and run D759.exe

It is recommended that you review the README file and/or ingame help before playing


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it said i cannot play this game on mobile, but i dida anyway cause im a rebel like that. game good good story mmm