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With apologies to Dogtopius and the Tengoku Project.

SE7ENGOKU is a fast-paced 3D space shooter. You are Del, a freighter captain turned reluctant magical girl, granted magical powers to protect Heaven from evil forces. Or something like that. It wasn't like you wanted the job.

This game is in (slow) development. The plan is to have several levels, each with a unique boss, upgrades to purchase between missions, and a full storyline. In its current state, there is one playable level that serves largely as a mechanics test. Project D759 served as an early mechanics test for this project; its current state is evolved considerably from that game but similar in scope.

This is (more or less) a fan spoof of Tengoku and should not be taken too seriously.


SE7ENGOKU Spiral 2 Demo 64 MB

Install instructions

Desktop: Extract the zip file and run D759.exe

Development log

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