A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Created for Magical Girl Game Jam 3

Now slightly updated!

A Dream of Valhalla is a first person shooter/brawler with a sci-fi/fantasy setting and a magical girl (sorta) protagonist. Combine a powerful two-handed sword with a variety of magic attacks to defeat waves of strange alien enemies!

On the planet VA1H-A11A (aka “Valhalla”), a deadly weapon of unknown origin lurks. Coloquially known as a fusion nullfier, it is capable of stopping fusion in its target, devastating a fleet, a colony, or perhaps even a star system. Lady Elisa Wicke and her magical girl friends must defend Ririka and her NEST team as they study the device in the hopes of finding an effective countermeasure...

Or, that's what it seems like, anyway.

Originally a mechanics demo for Shattered 2 but scope crept into a full (albeit short) game.


A Dream Of Valhalla - 1.2.0 - Windows 76 MB
A Dream Of Valhalla - 1.2.0 - Linux 78 MB
A Dream Of Valhalla - 1.2.0 - macOS 74 MB
A Dream Of Valhalla - 1.1.1 - Windows (jam version) 77 MB
A Dream Of Valhalla - 1.1.1 - Linux (jam version) 79 MB
A Dream Of Valhalla - 1.1.1 - macOS (jam version) 74 MB
A Dream Of Valhalla - 1.0.0 - Windows (preview version) 63 MB

Install instructions

If you're here from Magical Girl Game Jam 3, use version 1.1.1 (jam version). The newer version 1.2.0 has some new features but is also balanced much worse as the focus is on getting things ready for Shattered 2.

Windows: Extract and run WATO.exe

Other platforms: These are experimental builds that may or may not work. Consult the included documentation for details.

I recommend you read the README before playing the game, and enable the crosshair because I forgot to (Options/Gameplay Options/Crosshair->Always).


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Nice ... too many reference jokes that went over my head though. I see you are continually bettering your codebase = ]

Would be nice to get some healthbars on the enemies = ] 

hmm did you just commit to a very tight deadline for Shattered 2 ? hehe should have said "coming soon" instead lol.

    Thanks for playing!

    It is absolutely overdosed with references that few people in the jam understand. I knew when I was like "ya'll have seen The Expanse right" and was met with blank stares I was in trouble.

    CommonCore 3.x is mostly gameplay additions, QoL and convenience features. Some of them are on display here but the real showoff game will be Project Takagi at the end of the year.

    Having healthbars on every enemy might have wound up too "busy", but the boss definitely should have had a healthbar. I did have some thoughts along those lines but never got to trying them because of time constraints.

    Spring technically doesn't end until June, but the schedule will probably slip anyway 😅

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