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The long awaited (and still awaiting) threequel heads back to Rynn and ups the ante with fully 3D environments and gameplay built on the Unity engine. 

Breaking from centuries of tradition, Emperor Edward Caesar I grooms his only daughter, Aurelia, to succeed him. But when her father unexpectedly dies, things quickly spiral out of control and she finds herself stranded in a remote part of the Empire, searching for a key to the throne while an ancient threat to the Empire and the world beyond bears down on them all…

Ascension III is currently in a very early stage of development. The focus is currently on developing game systems, which is progressing smoothly. However, this is a big, long-term project, and everything is subject to change.

Parts of Ascension III (mostly the RPG framework) will be open-source. You can view progress on the GitHub repository.


Public Test Release 2 67 MB

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