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Firefighter VR is currently in beta. The full version will be released in Fall 2017.

Firefighter VR is a virtual reality firefighting simulation that's not all that realistic, putting you in the boots of a firefighter with fire powers. It's a parody of legitimate simulator games with a twisted storyline and satirical world. Also, you can burn people in this game.

Firefighter VR is the sequel to Firefighter Simulator 2017. You have left the old city behind and moved to a new one, and a new fire department. But your past is chasing you. Perhaps if things were different, it would be a simple job. In a crumbling, corrupt city, with crime rampant and an arsonist on the loose, who will you save?


  • New Unity engine
  • Supports Windows and Android
  • VR and non-VR modes
  • Cardboard and Daydream VR compatibility
  • Touch (Android only), KB/M (Windows only), and gamepad controls
  • Quality full-3D graphics
  • "Realistic" firefighter simulation gameplay
  • A story of heroism, sacrifice, and insanity
  • Scathing satire mixed with cheap lowbrow jokes
  • Moral choices that actually change the ending
  • You can set people on fire in this game
  • Full soundtrack and voice acting
  • No ads, no microtransactions, no bullshit. Pay once and it's yours, period.

As Firefighter VR is in beta, not all features may be implemented at this time.


Firefighter VR is available in beta for Windows and Android. Future support for Mac and Linux is possible. Future support for UWP or iOS is unlikely.

Firefighter VR supports Google Cardboard and Google Daydream on Android and can run in non-VR mode on Android and PC. Future support for Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and SteamVR/Vive is possible. The game supports touch controls on Android and KB/M on PC as well as several types of controller on both.

Although designed from the beginning for mobile, Firefighter VR is quite demanding especially in VR mode. It has three graphics settings: Low (half res/fast lighting), Medium (half res/quality lighting) and High (full res/quality lighting). Low is recommended for older and lower-end devices, and Medium/High should only be selected on high-end devices from the past few years. This will be mostly automatic in the final release.

At its current stage, the tutorial and first level are playable. Most, but not all, gameplay functionality is implemented. Most graphics and sounds are in-game but some placeholders exist. In short, the current state of the game is representative of its final state in broad strokes only.


This game is a work of parody, protected under US, Canadian, and international law. No infringement is intended. All characters, places, and scenarios are fictional or used in a fictional manner. No connection or endorsement by or to any real figure or organization should be inferred. The views presented within do not represent that of any real-life person.

This game contains mature subject matter, including but not limited to violence, strong language, drug references and sexual innuendo. Player discretion is strongly advised.

This game supports virtual reality, which is known to cause discomfort in some individuals. Those who suffer from VR sickness or other ailments should not enable VR.

This game does not collect or store any personal information by design. The Unity engine collects some anonymized hardware statistics.

All trademarks, including but not limited to Google, Android, Cardboard, Daydream, Xbox, USB, and Bluetooth are property of their respective owners.

Screenshots shown may be from the PC or mobile version. They are not necessarily representative of the final release.

Install instructions

Windows: Extract the archive or run the self-extractor. Run the game. Requires 64-bit Windows 7 or later and a DirectX 11 capable graphics processor.

Android: Enable unknown sources, copy or download the APK to your device, and install. Requires Android 4.4 or later. Daydream requires a Daydream-compatible phone.


Beta 1 (Android) 37 MB
Beta 1 (Windows) 59 MB

Development log


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It was so cool that the game had two different endings based on your choices, I really wasn't expecting that! It was really fun!

Thanks! The beta has two endings, but that level will end somewhat differently in the full version. However, there will be multiple endings depending on your choices throughout the game.